Monday, June 29, 2015

Same-Sex Marriage As Law Of The Land: The Height of Man's Arrogance

It's official: the stars and stripes that symbolize America suddenly went rainbow. Same-sex marriage has been legalized in all 50 states of America! The homosexual agenda wins and will be conquering territories, as it is poised to defeat every hindrance that gets in its quest for more perversion, with which its glorification permissible, at least in the laws of men. 

Still over the moon, gays in America have sent their signal loud and clear: they are coming to conquer the world. With unprecedented "victory" handed to them in a silver platter, the homosexual agenda that ensures gay rights practically trump every other right, now sets its sight on what they could still possibly conquer. But there are no true winners in this battle. Those who oppose it may be tagged the vanquished and proponents the victor, but things may not appear to be what it seems.

Random thoughts: As shocking as it is sinister, what possibly runs through the mind of an interviewer who's greeted by an applicant in his whimsical outfit but fully aware that he cannot discriminate based on gender-preference otherwise he'll be slapped with a lawsuit? But it's only a tip of the iceberg - one thing leads to another, and we will be up for a rude awakening. This US Supreme Court decision is by no means negligible in its scope, for all society will feel its impact, directly or indirectly, especially those who do not agree to it.

Talking of world impact it has created across the globe, this early, lgbt groups in the Philippines are already posturing for a massive push for the Philippine Supreme Court to redefine the definition of marriage that could pave the way for legalization of same-sex marriage on its soil. Now that the US has set the precedent, it is widely expected that many countries will jump on the bandwagon, with the aid of legislators themselves, to pave the way for a universal redefinition of marriage. After this milestone, anything else bigger than this? If "love is love" as what Obama has declared, what's stopping a mother in Africa from marrying her teenage son whom she has been having sexual relationship with? And a man in Australia who fathered a baby with his daughter? These two couples swear it is because of love. 

These days, people think it is best time to be gay. They have all their rights guaranteed by the state and the United Nations, and no other group of people are more protected and pampered than homosexuals. Yes, not even the forgotten Yazidiz or the Kurds - that would be a travesty if Obama even mentions these miserable people in his agenda. My oh my, the ISIS may exterminate as many group of people as they please while Obama tees off with his golfing buddies all he wants, yet he won't be denied of a lavish dinner at the White House in the company of homosexuals - and ensuring them he works hard so that they are the most protected group of people in America.

Imagine the extent of their privileges: Even if you're male all your life and you wake up one fine morning, convinced that you are indeed a female trapped in a male's body - and finds yourself strutting in your stiletto and red lipstick in either government or private establishment - then you can sue practically anyone who disagrees with you using a female bathroom - for "discrimination and depriving of your rights". How many real girls in schools have opted out to become prom queens in favor of prom queen wannabes? It is called political correctness when you don't get in the way of homosexuals who want to realize their dream to become prom queens - and almost everyone tilts to the side of political correctness - for their own survival.

Homosexual empowerment a license to Christian persecution

This madness already started when Christians figured in the Department of Homeland Security's 2012 report that says Christians can be potential terrorists. The report says Christians are potential terror threats for their capability to create trouble, e.g. holding up placards that warn homosexuals to repent of their sins at a gay pride, thus drawing angry reactions and subsequently spontaneous friction that could lead to chaos. But it failed to state that in every gathering of perverts, it is Christians who are being beaten black and blue and oftentimes rounded up by police and get jailed - for disturbing the peace of homosexuals - who flaunt their anatomies in high streets to the wild cheer of men, women and children.

At the height of global moral degeneration of which the homosexual agenda blazes the trail, many from the Christian community predict that true Christianity will soon be a major target for persecution, and the alarm has never been this loud for Christians. The secular consensus being, and homosexuals love to claim, that Christians are being hateful towards homosexuals. This false assumption leads to Christians being hated by them. Homosexuals hate what the Bible has to say on the sin of homosexuality. They argue that Jesus never preached about homosexuality and that He ate with sinners. Their understanding is that Jesus was very welcoming and accepting of their sins which runs counter to what actually Jesus had taught in His earthly ministry. In fact, Jesus had spoken about hell more than heaven.

Then, what next? Government bankrolling prison system for massive expansion due to Christians populating its jail cells? Why not? Franklin Graham was spot on on what's coming to Christians in America now that same-sex marriage is the law of the land. He said that businesses, schools, universities and organizations that operate on biblical principles could be severely persecuted or shut down. It is even a high probability that there would be an influx of same-sex couples storming churches and demanding to get married, refusal of which will result to automatic lawsuits, and churches that will defy the law of the land will cease to exist. Homosexuals will be suing Christians left, right and center, with impunity.

Even prior to the Supreme Court decision in its favor, other states that had already acknowledged same-sex marriage have seen lawsuits after lawsuits being filed against Christian business owners like bakers, florists and photographers for declining to give their services to homosexual couples. How much more now that the red and blue are no longer America's colors but rainbow? Though not entirely surprising as every Christian knew it was forthcoming, this decision has now set the stage for persecution of Christians who would gladly choose to obey their conscience founded on God's principles rather than the laws of men.

Comfort for the believer

In these last days, Christians ought not to be surprised, as some others have vowed to fight till the very end, of the coming persecutions that would befall them. The Scriptures may be replete with prophecies concerning the coming tribulations that every true born again believer of Jesus Christ will go through, but it is also the same Scriptures that assure every believer that the battle has been won and the enemy had been defeated at the cross. Jesus Christ is coming again but not as a lamb to be slaughtered but as a lion who will judge this wicked world. There is no reason to fear, but it is the enemy who has every reason to fear. As his time is getting shorter by the hour, even so wickedness greatly abounds. Jesus reminds us believers not to fear him who can only kill the body but cannot kill the soul but fear Him who can destroy both the body and soul in hell. (Matthew 10:28)

As in the days of Noah when people go about with their lives in pursuit of fleshly pleasure so is the coming of the Son of Man. It is after the flood when a rainbow appeared as God's covenant to man that He will never again destroy the earth by flood, and every time a rainbow appears, man is reminded of God's promise hence it is a symbol of hope. Yet the devil stole this symbol of hope and made it a symbol of perversion and wickedness, of man's audacious rebellion against God.

And as in the days of Lot, people will continue to live in sin, take pleasure in committing sin, wallowing in perversion, and hating the very things of God. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of iniquities, lustful and selfish, hating those who love them enough to warn them, and even more hating of the concept of a loving God who cannot tolerate sin. Indeed God is love, He is slow to anger, but the wicked forgets that He is also just, holy and righteous. Yes, He will come soon, very assuredly, not anymore to be scorned and ridiculed but to be the Judge of the wicked.

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