Monday, June 29, 2015

Same-Sex Marriage As Law Of The Land: The Height of Man's Arrogance

It's official: the stars and stripes that symbolize America suddenly went rainbow. Same-sex marriage has been legalized in all 50 states of America! The homosexual agenda wins and will be conquering territories, as it is poised to defeat every hindrance that gets in its quest for more perversion, with which its glorification permissible, at least in the laws of men. 

Still over the moon, gays in America have sent their signal loud and clear: they are coming to conquer the world. With unprecedented "victory" handed to them in a silver platter, the homosexual agenda that ensures gay rights practically trump every other right, now sets its sight on what they could still possibly conquer. But there are no true winners in this battle. Those who oppose it may be tagged the vanquished and proponents the victor, but things may not appear to be what it seems.

Random thoughts: As shocking as it is sinister, what possibly runs through the mind of an interviewer who's greeted by an applicant in his whimsical outfit but fully aware that he cannot discriminate based on gender-preference otherwise he'll be slapped with a lawsuit? But it's only a tip of the iceberg - one thing leads to another, and we will be up for a rude awakening. This US Supreme Court decision is by no means negligible in its scope, for all society will feel its impact, directly or indirectly, especially those who do not agree to it.

Talking of world impact it has created across the globe, this early, lgbt groups in the Philippines are already posturing for a massive push for the Philippine Supreme Court to redefine the definition of marriage that could pave the way for legalization of same-sex marriage on its soil. Now that the US has set the precedent, it is widely expected that many countries will jump on the bandwagon, with the aid of legislators themselves, to pave the way for a universal redefinition of marriage. After this milestone, anything else bigger than this? If "love is love" as what Obama has declared, what's stopping a mother in Africa from marrying her teenage son whom she has been having sexual relationship with? And a man in Australia who fathered a baby with his daughter? These two couples swear it is because of love. 

These days, people think it is best time to be gay. They have all their rights guaranteed by the state and the United Nations, and no other group of people are more protected and pampered than homosexuals. Yes, not even the forgotten Yazidiz or the Kurds - that would be a travesty if Obama even mentions these miserable people in his agenda. My oh my, the ISIS may exterminate as many group of people as they please while Obama tees off with his golfing buddies all he wants, yet he won't be denied of a lavish dinner at the White House in the company of homosexuals - and ensuring them he works hard so that they are the most protected group of people in America.

Imagine the extent of their privileges: Even if you're male all your life and you wake up one fine morning, convinced that you are indeed a female trapped in a male's body - and finds yourself strutting in your stiletto and red lipstick in either government or private establishment - then you can sue practically anyone who disagrees with you using a female bathroom - for "discrimination and depriving of your rights". How many real girls in schools have opted out to become prom queens in favor of prom queen wannabes? It is called political correctness when you don't get in the way of homosexuals who want to realize their dream to become prom queens - and almost everyone tilts to the side of political correctness - for their own survival.

Homosexual empowerment a license to Christian persecution

This madness already started when Christians figured in the Department of Homeland Security's 2012 report that says Christians can be potential terrorists. The report says Christians are potential terror threats for their capability to create trouble, e.g. holding up placards that warn homosexuals to repent of their sins at a gay pride, thus drawing angry reactions and subsequently spontaneous friction that could lead to chaos. But it failed to state that in every gathering of perverts, it is Christians who are being beaten black and blue and oftentimes rounded up by police and get jailed - for disturbing the peace of homosexuals - who flaunt their anatomies in high streets to the wild cheer of men, women and children.

At the height of global moral degeneration of which the homosexual agenda blazes the trail, many from the Christian community predict that true Christianity will soon be a major target for persecution, and the alarm has never been this loud for Christians. The secular consensus being, and homosexuals love to claim, that Christians are being hateful towards homosexuals. This false assumption leads to Christians being hated by them. Homosexuals hate what the Bible has to say on the sin of homosexuality. They argue that Jesus never preached about homosexuality and that He ate with sinners. Their understanding is that Jesus was very welcoming and accepting of their sins which runs counter to what actually Jesus had taught in His earthly ministry. In fact, Jesus had spoken about hell more than heaven.

Then, what next? Government bankrolling prison system for massive expansion due to Christians populating its jail cells? Why not? Franklin Graham was spot on on what's coming to Christians in America now that same-sex marriage is the law of the land. He said that businesses, schools, universities and organizations that operate on biblical principles could be severely persecuted or shut down. It is even a high probability that there would be an influx of same-sex couples storming churches and demanding to get married, refusal of which will result to automatic lawsuits, and churches that will defy the law of the land will cease to exist. Homosexuals will be suing Christians left, right and center, with impunity.

Even prior to the Supreme Court decision in its favor, other states that had already acknowledged same-sex marriage have seen lawsuits after lawsuits being filed against Christian business owners like bakers, florists and photographers for declining to give their services to homosexual couples. How much more now that the red and blue are no longer America's colors but rainbow? Though not entirely surprising as every Christian knew it was forthcoming, this decision has now set the stage for persecution of Christians who would gladly choose to obey their conscience founded on God's principles rather than the laws of men.

Comfort for the believer

In these last days, Christians ought not to be surprised, as some others have vowed to fight till the very end, of the coming persecutions that would befall them. The Scriptures may be replete with prophecies concerning the coming tribulations that every true born again believer of Jesus Christ will go through, but it is also the same Scriptures that assure every believer that the battle has been won and the enemy had been defeated at the cross. Jesus Christ is coming again but not as a lamb to be slaughtered but as a lion who will judge this wicked world. There is no reason to fear, but it is the enemy who has every reason to fear. As his time is getting shorter by the hour, even so wickedness greatly abounds. Jesus reminds us believers not to fear him who can only kill the body but cannot kill the soul but fear Him who can destroy both the body and soul in hell. (Matthew 10:28)

As in the days of Noah when people go about with their lives in pursuit of fleshly pleasure so is the coming of the Son of Man. It is after the flood when a rainbow appeared as God's covenant to man that He will never again destroy the earth by flood, and every time a rainbow appears, man is reminded of God's promise hence it is a symbol of hope. Yet the devil stole this symbol of hope and made it a symbol of perversion and wickedness, of man's audacious rebellion against God.

And as in the days of Lot, people will continue to live in sin, take pleasure in committing sin, wallowing in perversion, and hating the very things of God. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of iniquities, lustful and selfish, hating those who love them enough to warn them, and even more hating of the concept of a loving God who cannot tolerate sin. Indeed God is love, He is slow to anger, but the wicked forgets that He is also just, holy and righteous. Yes, He will come soon, very assuredly, not anymore to be scorned and ridiculed but to be the Judge of the wicked.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Caitlyn Jenner Effect: The Audacity of Man's Rebellion

The shock has subsided, the noise waned, and even those who've been living under a rock somewhere and emerged baffled have slowly come to terms somehow, that the world, as strange as it has been getting, is no longer what it used to be - thanks to a Caitlyn Jenner, the perfect poster child for "being true to oneself is utmost liberty" slogan.  If anything, Bruce Jenner's coming out is the culmination or shall I say the mother of all coming-out that even brought the White House to a state of an uncontained euphoria.

History tells that this fallen world has already had a litany of exploits in its resume such as a Hitler, a Pol Pot, a Kim Jong-un, a Bin Laden, and an Anders Breivik, among others, who carried out in full force what their hearts advocated. And why not a 66-year old ultra-male former Olympic champion who sired six progeny but suddenly decided he is a she? Legions of stars in Hollywood would subsequently heap praises on this "milestone" humanity has conquered, and no less the leader of the "freest" country on the planet yelled the loudest of praises at such "bravery" he almost could have easily feted him/her a presidential banquet worthy of pioneers in the same breath as Columbus, Edison and the Wright brothers.

Fads do stay for a little while and fade but not this demonically-inspired "coming-out" orchestrated by the powerful homosexual agenda that has taken the stranglehold of virtually every facet of society in America. In the past, governments that acknowledge same-sex marriage are a rarity, but now countries that have not yet thrown its full support on this evil agenda could get bullied in the international community for not recognizing it under the guise of "equality".

Trailblazing America at the forefront of global homosexualization

In countries like the Philippines where glorification and worship of everything American is reflective of how people go about with their lives, it is not a real surprise that you see an increase of homosexual influence in streets, in schools, in churches and even in seats of government. Those were the days when the nation that boasts to be the only predominantly Christian in Asia, and as a society collectively, frown upon homosexual lifestyles, but recently saw the church's influence waning due to its pontiff's famous line, "who am I to judge".

This even emboldened the lgbt groups to demand tolerance and acceptance in the society but without conceding to the moral requirements of the same, e.g. to initiate restraint by not wearing obscene clothes that gather contemptuous stare in both public and private domains, and yet the audacity to demand respect and acceptance. And if the Philippines is compelled to comply with the UN's demand to its every member that lgbt people be afforded all their desired rights and privileges then that would be the icing on their cake...and just like in America we could soon be seeing our children coming home from school asking us parents what gender they could possibly embrace.

The media and politics, the academe and almost every sector of the society plays part in aggressively advancing the cause of lgbt groups in the Philippines. Proof of which a senator who descends from a very Catholic family vows to penalize anyone who would discriminate them if his bill protecting homosexual rights passes into law. If his bill gets into law as it is most likely to pass, one scenario being, a private establishment or club with long standing rules requiring certain dress etiquette for its patrons (i guess for decency's sake) will be finding itself ushering cross-dressers in their whimsical outfits to avoid hefty penalty or worse it could figure in an obituary.

Homosexuality being shoved down everyone's throat

We see the pattern here, from one part of the world to another, advocates of homosexuality and powers that be that allow its steady global advance lay down the marker as to what society has to perceive to be wrong or right. Opponents of so-called aberrant behaviors that destroy societal and moral order are now conveniently labeled as haters and therefore seen as evil, whereas advocates of immorality and pernicious lifestyles are hailed as angels and role models.

Today, a deluge of strong confusion as to what's moral and what's not, and what is evil and what is good, is such that people are gradually losing a sense of what is wrong and right. If you're a parent in America and you voice your complaints about your six-year old getting lessons on oral and anal sex (for which their child cannot opt out), you will be labeled as homophobic intolerant bigot. Parents or individuals who find themselves opposing these demonic initiatives have now every reason to be terrified because the powerful homosexual agenda is always on the lookout on every corner and on every corridor - at the seat of governments of every town, city and the capital, to ensure that its evil agenda get a foothold into and eventually a chokehold on the life of every American, by hook or by crook, at the behest of the spirit of the Anti-Christ that has taken residence at the White House.

There seems to occur a misplaced concept if not a complete loss of discernment as to the distinction between good and evil. The whole world looks up to America to be the pioneer of everything for the rest of humanity to emulate, and the demonic homosexual agenda, as evil as it gets, blazes a trail for every demonic activity to complete the work of Satan.

Every loving parent should not be subjected to a terrifying ordeal knowing his or her precious little one does a workshop at school on how to fit a condom on a banana and getting lessons on how anal and oral sex can be a source of immense pleasure hence a necessity in life. Brace yourself people, it all starts in America and the rest of the world is itching to follow suit.

Homosexualization begets Christian persecutions

It doesn't take a Bible scholar to be able to sense the aggressive demonic activities that are exponentially evident under the current US administration. From proving that he has perfected the art of deception at the expense of the gullible by acknowledging traditional-marriage only (to get conservative and religious votes) during his campaigns - to a planned coming-out in support of homosexual marriage as opposed to his previous declaration, this president's undying devotion to the  homosexual community is such that under his nose, some Christians cannot practice their faith anymore without being harassed and persecuted  by an empowered homosexual community.

While the homosexualization and Islamization of America have been the two major accomplishments of Obama, it has also become more obvious that true Christianity has been and will be seeing  its share of major persecutions in days ahead. Though on paper and in the natural homosexuality and Islam are incompatible with one another, in the spiritual realm however, these two strange bedfellows work hand in hand to bring true Christianity to its knees. (And though for a time it would seem like it is so, yet that is very unlikely because true born-again believers of the Lord Jesus Christ know whom they serve and the enemies' fate had already been sealed on the cross of Calvary.)

Irony of all ironies: In one of the Department of Homeland Security classified reports in 2012, Christians were labeled as potential terrorists for their, among others, strong opposition to abortion, and their tendencies to adhere to biblical tenets that may "jeopardize social norms" that could cause "instability and chaos". They foresee that the threat coming from Christians who camp out at abortion clinics and pleading for a pregnant teenager not to terminate her child is such a cause of concern. And the presence of a handful of Christians carrying placards that say "God love homosexuals but not their lifestyles" at a Gay Pride - is such a heavy burden to Obama that the DHS needs to quell these Christians for peace's sake. Perilous times indeed!

Good is the new evil and evil is called good

Heady stuff ahead: Apart from mankind's astronomic accomplishments such as man's setting foot on the moon, and lately a terrifying advancement of science that could pave the way for a first head transplant, is there anything left for humans to conquer? With man's growing arrogance and his downplaying of the coming wrath of an entity called God, if not negating His existence at all, he tends to be his own god and does the things that please him, even mocking the God that he believes doesn't even exist. Man sets forth his own rules in life: Be yourself. Live to be happy. Do what thou wilt. Be free. Life is short. You only live once. Live your best life now. All of these are demonically-inspired motto designed and engineered by the Devil to bring humanity into rebellion against a holy God.

How on earth a parent is labeled child abuser if she disagrees to her young child being indoctrinated into a demonic ungodly school curriculum teaching them that anal and oral sex should figure as components in man's hierarchy of needs? Imagine a teacher brainwashing her students that it is a violation of their human rights if their parents get in the way in choosing their own genders as if they all came to school in a confused state and registered as asexual and it is the school that has the right to help these kids decide on their gender. This filthy demonic public school curriculum in America just gets more aggressive, intrusive and manipulative of every young child's life that sits under its roof, and the relentless attack on true Christianity by these same evil powers can only get worse because people tend to be accepting of these "new norms" in the name of tolerance and acceptance.

How ironic that some groups screaming intolerance and discrimination that are in fact insignificant in number trump the rights of the majority. Case in point: a principal in a public school in Kentucky has allowed a transgender student to use a girls' only restroom that spurred a debate over privacy and equal rights. Some politically correct students even show their support of it while others feel threatened and uncomfortable seeing a boy in their restroom who insists he is one of them. In the end, the principal maintains he is doing the right thing as there was no significant opposition to it - all in the name of tolerance, acceptance and equality. In the end, one person gets his "rights" protected at the expense of many others who feel violated.

The consensus being, it's the best and perfect time to be gay in America where you can nonchalantly bulldoze your way through life without fear of being rejected and discriminated against because the politically correct establishments stand tall to ensure those who go against their whim get punished. With certain laws carefully woven to protect the "rights" of the homosexuals, anything that is deemed offensive to their feelings certainly gets due treatment. Take the case of a Christian baker in Oregon who politely refused to bake wedding cakes for a same-sex couple. Despite believing that his First Amendment rights stipulate that he has the right to practice his religion, he is being punished by the state and the community at large who have sympathized with the gay couple who could have gone to a gay baker instead of running after Christian bakers whose conscience dictates God's sovereign laws are inviolable when it comes to marriage definition.

And why the silence from mainstream "Christianity"?

We have seen how the world excitedly watched and was exhilarated at the coming out of a 66-year old former Olympic champion by announcing that he has become a woman. When most people his age spontaneously fade into obscurity, perhaps in favor of enjoying old-age serenity and or strengthening familial bonds, here we are witnessing an aging grandfather making a mockery of God's design by posing as cover in a smut as if he is out to outdo the real ones. Then let your disgust or pity be read or heard on social media and see mobs after mobs tear you down. Insanity is the new heroism and natural order becomes the new enemy - isn't the devil not too shabby with his tactics to bring hedonists to their ultimate end?

Ultimately, a Christian's greatest concern is the soul of Bruce Jenner. God declares in Jeremiah 32:27 that there's nothing impossible with Him. He likewise never runs out of His patience and not wanting anyone to perish but to come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9) But so far how many Christian leaders in America have spoken against these audacious rebellion against a holy God? If anything, mainstream Christianity in America seems to have been muzzled for fear of backlash and persecution from institutionalized vanguards of homosexuality.  Instead of calling a spade a spade, the hesitation to even touch the subject within the congregation is blatantly manifest. And this clearly speaks of the church's own struggle with immorality within its ranks. People who are called to warn others, who themselves wallow in the quagmire of their own filth, have flagrantly muted biblical alarms because of hypocrisy in the church . Some of these leaders think of their own survival, well at least from their own (earthly) perspective.

Imagine Joel Osteen preaching one Sunday that homosexuality is an abomination to God and that he prays for Bruce Jenner to have a change of heart and stop his full transition to a woman - if we don't see a stampede of congregants to the closest exits and he and Victoria going home like wounded beasts. And surely it's unlikely you would be hearing Creflo Dollar pontificating on God's natural order and telling his congregants to pray for Bruce Jenner, or else his dream of a 65 million-dollar jet will be just that, a dream. Or Paula White urging on her flocks to stay in the right path when she herself just got married for the third time to a rocker who's an unbeliever. And if the amount of ridicule from the latest scandal involving another pastor is anything to go by, expect that mainstream Christianity in America will all the more be withdrawn from its spiritual mandate to wage war against moral degeneration in America.

God's judgment on those who hate Him

A Caitlyn Jenner is a personification of everything carnal this world glorifies, and there are more Caitlyns awaiting their turn. People forget that this world is quickly perishing and that there is more to it than meets the eye. Even intellectuals brush aside the existence of souls and that their pursuits are confined toward everything in the physical. Caitlyn Jenner could be extolled for "her" beauty but when she goes to bed without make up and reality starts to set in, her baggage remains a heavy load, and that every praise she receives is as skin deep as her make-up. How long shall this episode take her to complete "freedom"? Is it that much this world can offer her? What is her assurance that this limelight doesn't end? Has she completely defeated the notion that her body could wear down anytime soon and that she could instantaneously face the unexpected?

I firmly believe that it's no random coming-out for a 66-year old ultra-male in his twilight years to just suddenly decides he is not a he, but that he was a product of a carefully orchestrated demonic agenda that has been at work since the beginning of time. If anything, a Caitlyn Jenner was raised up as judgment of God to those who refuse God's righteousness in their lives, someone who would break moral and social norms, someone who would be looked up to for courage and inspiration, someone who would be glorified as catalyst for change - because this fallen world longs for everything that opposes God.

The apostle Paul in one of his epistles had prophesied that in the last days terrible times will happen. That people will be "LOVERS of THEMSELVES, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, NOT lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, LOVERS of PLEASURE rather than lovers of God - having a form of godliness but denying its power". ~ (2 Timothy 3: 1-5)

And to those who dare oppose the righteousness of God comes the warning: "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter." ~ (Isaiah 5: 20)

And ultimately, "They perish because they refuse to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness." ~ (2 Thessalonians 2: 10-12)

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