Thursday, March 19, 2015

Homosexual Agenda Takes Over America

As if the world we wake up to everyday lacks milestones to celebrate or stun us, another media milestone that recently took place and has caused everyone in America to either celebrate or get stunned to - is the "youngest ever same-sex kiss" on American prime time television between two 13-year old boys. The lip-locking between two unassuming boys on a prime time slot has sent shock waves to a traditional America - that sees it as foreboding to a precipitous national moral decline, while the gay communities are feeling over the moon for their "massive victory" - engineered by, ironically no less, a "family-friendly" network. The enemy has been successfully using the media as his most potent weapon -  to lead people away from the truth and salvation - and everything that has something to do with ungodliness and worldly passion - is now being glorified in media. 

If my memory serves me right, it all started when Obama declared support for same-sex marriage in May of 2009 - during his reelection campaign - that every moral fiber left in American society went downhill on a dizzying pace. Upon his reelection, the 'change' slogan he was pontificating about - indeed came into effect - at wholesale - and foremost of that 'change' was his striking dead of the DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) for its being 'unconstitutional'. What followed was a sudden surge in states legalizing same-sex marriage - now 36 in total - and continues to gain ground in traditionally conservative states. Since this landmark 'change' shifting in favor of same-sex marriage, tens of thousands of same-sex couples including well-known celebrities have already tied the knots.

One thing leads to another and there's no denying - the domino effect has been pervasively abrupt rather than gradual. Of course the rest of the world has its eyes on America and likes to emulate what pioneering America seeks to glorify. When gay celebrities (and politicians) throng chapels and city halls to tie the knot to loud cheers of their supporters, the dreams of other same-sex couples around the world to see the day of their own - are subsequently given a modicum of victory - though the chances of same-sex marriage getting legalized in their own countries range from high to nil.

Homosexualization in school

Every parent decides school is the safest place for his or her child - next to home - where children get to learn and are nurtured with good values so that they become productive citizens later in life. Unfortunately for present-day America, the very fundamental components for a strong values system every parent wishes for his or her child to possess - is now a wishful thinking, that is, if infiltration of public schools by the homosexual agenda is anything to go by. But there is not many choices for parents who cannot afford private schools for their children - whose innocence public school system threatens to rob - by exposing them and subjecting them to an overly-sexualized curricula put forth by the powerful homosexual agenda - that has a choke hold on virtually every American public institution. And this is where it gets really scary.

When the state-sanctioned homosexual agenda wield its tentacles on public school system, it's hardly surprising to hear outrageous stories - such as children as young as seven being taught to put condoms on bananas - in preparation for the real thing; or getting them used to hear the phrase "anal sex"; or getting small boys to participate in a dress and make up games to pretend they are girls; and brainwashing them that it's okay for them to choose their gender - and decide what gender they would eventually embrace (as if they're anatomically confused). Shocking as it may seem, yet these are not stories culled from fiction books - but are facts coming out straight from the bottomless pit - which the inhabitants of this earth will have to put up with - in this age when men glory at sheer evil and righteousness is called evil.

If one day, a star player of a high school varsity team wakes up and feels convinced he is trapped in a strange body - and gets encouraged by the level of 'maturity' from people around him - and decides to come out to a cacophony of loud cheers and praises from virtually everybody - and shows up in school in skirt and thick lipstick and subsequently demands he be allowed to use girls' bathroom - then school officials need not complicate things, but show "respect and acceptance" for there is no room for anyone getting hurt and marginalized. After all, their girls have been mature enough and are accepting of all humanity in the name of harmony. Is this not horrifying? So, most public schools are now compelled to make modification for their school bathrooms so that those males who want to identify themselves as females can readily use the girls' bathroom without fear of prejudice and discrimination. Of course, school officials will not be bothered at all by incidents of girls getting traumatized at the sight of unfamiliar anatomies in the formerly girls-only bathroom - if only to uphold "equality and human rights" for the privileged few.

If in times past, they chose the prettiest junior or senior to be their prom queen, today students themselves campaign hard and cheer for their newly-crowned prom queen who is a male. And who can afford to show 'intolerance' these days by denying a male person to be a queen?  And there is social media doing its part and flaunt strong support from all levels of society - and celebrating yet another milestone civilization has achieved - so is mainstream media stalking aggressively the "new breed of heroes" to get a first glimpse at their journey - and how through sheer "courage and determination" they were able to beat obstacles in life in order to make their dreams come true. Just wow! And what's next? Maybe a homosexual lobby to make certain Olympic events gender-neutral? And why not? Mind you, the 'rights' of LGBTs are well-protected by the UN more than any other minority group. Thanks to Barack Obama who has provided the impetus for evil to thrive and be called good, and good evil!

Homosexuality as the 'new human right'

It's not a passing fad that wanes after a time so that you shrug it off thinking it's actually fun and adventurous -  the homosexual agenda is getting more powerful and is aggressively being shoved down every one's throat. You don't belong in a free society if you make your stand against it, known. You'll be then labeled all sorts of names: bigot, homophobic, hater, intolerant and all kindred names imaginable.

Judging by the trend and the wind of change shifting heavily in their favor, the homosexual agenda may soon be conquering heights and territories - unthinkable to human civilization just a decade ago. There is no denying the fact, its influence over the American public school system to private institutions, from corporate to religious organizations, and from Hollywood to the White House, is beyond palpable. You do not oppose the homosexual agenda - it has the free world virtually in its claws.

Make no  mistake, the president of the freest democracy in the world Barack Hussein Obama loves to sing hallelujah for the gay community - whose members are some of his closest aides and confidantes - and whose interests influence his major policies in its favor. Though his resume states he is a 'Christian', this president makes no secret of his disgust for the Christian religion - at times quoting and taunting scriptures for its being "socially 'irrelevant".

This is easily what happens when you elect a president who is anti-Christian and pro-gay: you get your traditional marriage definition between a man and a woman redefined, you get to wake up every morning hearing news of Christians being dragged to court for upsetting homosexuals, and Christians folding up their businesses that existed for generations for refusing to give in to the demands of homosexual bullies; all because homosexuality is the new human rights. Embrace for human rights have unarguably come a long way since the era of segregation in America - its effect being reaped all across all levels of society - especially in schools, where definition of human rights have been completely redefined.

It is beyond comprehension that in most cities in the US, feeding the homeless is punishable by law and could land you in jail; and if you are a teacher and you give Bible to a student who asked you for it, you could get terminated for offending the feelings of the other students who are of different religion. Not so long ago, this was unthinkable to say the least, yet it is happening in present day America.

Today, people go about with their lives trying to feign acceptance of anything that used to be unacceptable - because society demands them to - for it is society also that rewards - them that are being accepting - to be accepted back, that is. If your opposition to gay marriage or gay relationship for that matter is publicly known, you don't expect the mob to keep its hands off you for your "intolerance, homophobia and bigotry". You are now labeled a "hater". The word itself has in fact morphed into something remotely parallel to its original definition - so that it suits their vagaries - while the world watches in sheepish approval of this travesty.

We have seen the drastic changes in the moral landscape of America in just over two years since Obama became president - and the rest of the world is fast catching up with its own - thanks to the consummate model - trailblazing America. People all the more become emboldened to emulate every 'in' thing America glorifies. Judging from the exploits the homosexual agenda has so far achieved, it seems the enemy the Devil has gained the upper hand in the battle for souls of those who are being misled and have chosen to rebel against God.

We would like to point out, it's never our intent to hurt or ridicule the individual homosexual, but we should be in sharp disagreement with the more radical elements of the movement. We must separate the individual living the homosexual lifestyle from the political movement associated with the so-called homosexual agenda, as these aspects are not necessarily one and the same. Scripture clearly commands God's people to love the individual and resist the ideology presented by the political agenda that seeks to abolish God's truth in human relationships and moral order. the effort to redefine the family, redefine marriage and the promotion of homosexual lifestyle in school, etc., are objectives with which we disagree. and we should fervently oppose them when the issues are raised. That does not make us hatemongers.

Why the Bible disapproves of Homosexual lifestyle

Many people would ask, "what's wrong with being gay, anyway"? Yes, people have their own sexual preferences and believe God made them the way they are. Today many people struggle with homosexual desires and get confused whether or not it's wrong and whether a person can really be free from it. Amid all the confusions from a wide array of 'answers' that emerge from experts' findings - it is necessary that in order to get to the unchanging truth - we need to look up to the Manufacture's manual - the Bible.

God has made each one of us in a special way, "custom designed" really. In fact, He holds the only patent on the human race. (Genesis 1:27) So if anyone knows how we're supposed to work the best...He does! And to show us the right way to live, He has given us the Bible - the most printed and read book in the world.

To keep us from destroying ourselves and each other, God set up certain laws. It's because He really cares about us that He did this. God isn't some kind of kill-joy trying to prevent anyone from having any fun, rather, His laws are to enable us to get the maximum out of life. His rules aren't a bunch of arbitrary "dos and don'ts" either. They all make total sense. God wants us to be filled with real happiness, and through the Bible He shows us the way to life, and the way to death.

God makes it clear that He never intended men and women to be homosexual, and He also makes it clear that those who practice these things cannot be at peace with Him or even at peace with themselves. Homosexuality is not an alternative style, rather it is a sin. He told us a long time ago... (Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13)

Because of God's great love towards us, He has given us these warnings for our own good and they must be obeyed even as we must obey the laws of the land or be punished. God has clearly spoken against the sin of homosexuality because it is contrary to His design for human reproduction and to protect people from disease. Man refuses God's Word because it's not what he wants to hear and as a result tragically reaps the consequences.

It's amazing how children  understand God better than most intellectuals and scholars do. One child recently asked "If men are married to men, how can they make babies?" It seems as though homosexuals forget that they are here alive as a result of sex between a man and a woman!

Jesus said that He came to bring us life. Remember, he's the One who designed you. He promises us that if we walk with Him, following His good directions and commands, we'll have real happiness and there will be peace in our hearts. But He also promises that if we think we know better, and push away from Him to follow our selfishness, the exact opposite will happen to us. The tremendous spread of disease among homosexuals and immoral straights would not exist if we listened to the instructions of God, which are for our protection, good and happiness.

In his letter to Timothy, the apostle Paul has prophesied of the perilous times that  will befall the world in the Last Days, and I believe that time is now. The media, the government, the religious and the academe, and all other entities - that consciously or unconsciously get inspiration from the enemy to destroy the lives of as many people as possible. The media and government being co-instruments of Satan to wreak havoc on spiritual and moral well-beings of people is as blatantly pernicious as it gets, but some Protestant groups at the forefront of promoting acceptance of homosexual lifestyle is beyond outrageous and a brazen rebellion against a holy God! We have been warned people! It's about time that we get ourselves in order to avoid the wrath of a loving and compassionate Creator.

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